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The Team

Meet the Team behind the Pink!

Diverse. Creative. Passionate.

Coming from over 10 different countries and speaking over 15 different languages, the 28 wonderful humans that make up Massive Miniteam collaborate, communicate, and create both from our office in Pulheim, Cologne and their homes all around Europe.

With well over 100 years of collective experience and assisted by our morale officers, we work hard (but not too hard) to develop and port great video games for people all over the world, including you, to play and enjoy.

Everything we do is a labour of love and we want to give thanks for any and all of the support you give to us and for all of the people around us who makes our lives possible. Thank you!

  • Tim

    Tim Schroeder

    Managing Director

  • Michael

    Michael Koloch

    Creative Director

  • Robert

    Robert Schneider

    Technical Director

  • Annick

    Annick Peters


  • Brenden

    Brenden Gibbons

    Lead Game Designer

  • Christiane

    Christiane Ebrecht-Hepke

    Lead Artist

  • Flo

    Florian Wurth

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Patrick

    Patrick Martens

    User Experience Designer

  • Trix

    Trixia Quinzon

    Concept Artist

  • Lukas

    Lukas Fabry

    Gameplay Engineer

  • Dani

    Daniela Schmetz

    Office Manager

  • Kathi

    Kathi Müller

    Associate Producer

  • Tori

    Tori Schade


  • Olli

    Olivier Haas

    Audio Designer

  • Lea

    Lea Hümbs


  • Ana

    Anastasia Shedu

    3D Artist

  • Marco

    Marco Cristoforetti

    Associate Software Engineer

  • Narges

    Narges Farazan

    Software Engineer

  • Joana

    Joana Almeida

    Technical Artist

  • Layal

    Layal El Fakih

    Software Engineer

  • Jana

    Jana Fuchs

    Human Resources Assistant

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian Hennemann

    Software Engineer

  • Max

    Max Ritters

    Software Engineer

  • Dimi

    Dimitrios Pappas

    Software Engineer

  • Orchid


    Community Manager

  • Lukas L

    Lukas Lambertz

    Senior 3D Artist

  • Rakibul

    Rakibul Hasan Toor

    Associate Game Designer

  • Website bonni


    Morale Officer

  • Gom


    Morale Officer

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